What Are The Latest Fashion Technology Trends You Should Know?


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Fashion is indeed a word that lights up faces. With the rising trends and innovation and technology up-gradation, people have become too selective. Along with it, social media platforms have given a thrust to emerging fashion trends. A customer is now not just a buyer but an “informed buyer.” These elements have spurred the way you perceive fashion and have given it new dimensions. With the amalgamation of technology and fashion, we are witnessing the emergence of fashion technologies in the market. With the fashion industry generating an estimated $1.5 trillion globally, it indeed has a long way to go. 

Fashion technologies are rising, pushing designers to imbibe and take up the new methods in manufacturing, marketing, production, and wearability. For instance, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, mobile commerce are included in the fashion industry to make a breakthrough. 

Let’s see what are the latest fashion technology trends in 2021 you should be well versed with –

  1. Artificial Intelligence –

AI has been a great buzz since it emerged and has aided the fashion industry to broaden its horizons. Brands today are using artificial intelligence to enhance customers’ shopping experience through chatbots which are continuously evolving to understand the apparel requirements of the customers and serve the same. This way the right personalized product is offered to the right customers, decreasing time and enhancing overall customer service. 

  1. Prompt Data Analysis for Rapid Adoption –

Real-time feedback is a robust tool in the marketing arsenal to track the customer’s tastes and preferences and what they want from the brand. It is the best opportunity for every business to leverage and get the maximum out of it. With the advanced software tools, brands can track and receive real-time alerts and feedback about damaged and defective goods. It helps save big bucks, removing waste and delivering correct products at the right time. 

  1. AR/VR –

Augmented and virtual reality certainly has a long shot in the fashion industry. One such widespread use of VR is availing the option of trying clothes virtually. It aims to provide greater accuracy and customized measurement functionality. This way, customers will feel that they have tried the clothes on and are likely to purchase without any dilemma. This type of shopping experience helps gain more excellent traction in the long run. 

  1. Novel Fabrics

If we talk about sustainable alternatives in fashion technology, novel fabrics are the ones that pop up in our minds. As people are concerned about the environment, they tend to use products less prone to harm the same. As a result, many fashion giants have kick-started using products that use alternative non-harmful materials like leather without causing a hazard to animals, innovative super-strong spider silk, and others. It will revolutionize the way we perceive fashion. 

Wrapping Up –

The fashion industry is no less affected by innovations and upgrades, and it will surely change the way people recognize fashion. With this “insta-age” of technology, brands push themselves hard to get the edge over others. All these elements of fashion technologies are undoubtedly shaping the fashion industry into a more sustainable one.