Top 3 eSports Games


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People enjoy playing computer games to relax during their free time. Yet, there are lots of ways to play online. Some people gamble via the best betting site in India, while others prefer eSports games. Here are the top 3 games each gaming fan knows.


The legendary real-time strategy game. This game has been on the first place on the most popular gaming platform, Steam for many years. DOTA 2 was released back in 2013. Since then the developers have been regularly updating the game by adding new extra content. So, the number of fans is constantly increasing.

Game mechanics of DOTA 2 is based on the competition between the teams. Each of them must destroy the towers of their rivals. For the gameplay, you will have access to dozens of unique heroes, with their individual skills and unusual appearance.

DOTA 2 tournaments have been held for more than a decade. Today, their prize pool can be in the tens of millions of d