The great Aussie game: 5 reasons to play AFL in 2022


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AFL, or “Aussie Rules”, is the quintessential Australian game. Unlike its northern counterpart, rugby, Aussie Rules football was actually created right here in Australia, and is easily one of our favourite national pastimes!

Not only this, but Aussie Rules is a helluva lot of fun to play, whether with friends or for your local club. It is an outstanding way to keep fit whilst meeting awesome people who also love the game.

So, grab a footy, find some awesome AFL merchandise online, as here are some reasons why you should take up Aussie Rules in 2022:

  1. It’s great for your health

Aussie Rules is on the more physically-demanding side of sport. The elite players are amazing athletes who combine outrageous physical strength with agility, endurance and skills, and this is why Aussie Rules is such a difficult sport to master.

But despite its physical demands it’s still one of the most exciting sports you can play. And, after all, you may not be looking to become a pro footy player, but might just want to enjoy a kick in the park or join their local club for the more social Saturday league!

Regardless, with training on weeknights and a match on the weekend, you will be doing absolute wonders for your fitness. You will see your physical strength, pace and endurance all increase the more you get out onto the footy oval, and looking after your physical health is never really a bad thing, is it?

  1. It’s a social sport

There are 18 players from one team on the footy field with plenty more on the bench, making footy a truly social sport that has always been a great way to make new mates.

Your local footy club is always a great place of camaraderie with players, coaches and staff all making club footy a truly enjoyable pastime. And, even if you’re only really keen to have a kick at the park, you can still take a couple of mates with you and have an awesome time whilst doing something that’s great for your health!

  1. It’s confidence-building

Fitter people who partake in social events like team sports often experience greater confidence levels. Why? Because being physically fit is great for your mental health as well as your physical health, and being a part of a team gives one the feeling of belonging that can also instil a greater sense of personal confidence.

You might just find the confidence you get from playing footy at your local club carrying over into your work and outside-club social life – such is the positivity that comes from partaking in a healthy exercise with plenty of like minded people!

  1. You can learn life skills from it

Being part of a team can teach you all kinds of life skills including confidence, leadership, decision-making prowess, courage, composure under pressure and more.

As we said, AFL is a demanding game that requires players to develop and possess multiple skills to be out on the field and these skills can carry over into every facet of your daily life.

  1. It’s just a fun way to spend your Saturday

If you’re a sports-loving person who wants to be part of a team with like minded people then Aussie Rules is perfect. It is a challenging yet extremely fun sport that is good for your physical and mental health as well as your general wellbeing.

For these reasons you can see why thousands of people take up the sport each year!