Medical Visa Requirements from Australia to India

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The blog is for those who are trying to get a visa to India for medical purposes from Australia. Read and contact if required any help.

Medical Visa Requirements from Australia to India. India has a good and improving healthcare system, developing nation with reasonably priced services to the patients.

Requirements for a Medical Visa from India


A medical visa is only awarded to those whose sole reason for travelling to some other country is for medical care.

In India, the patient should seek treatment at a reputable/recognized/specialized hospital/healthcare facility. 

The patient is permitted to be accompanied by a maximum of two medical attendants. They could be relatives or closest advisers of his or hers.

Essential Required Documents for an Indian Medical Visa Application

  1. Online application form containing all of the applicant’s correct information.
  2. Please visit the site to download and obtain the Medical/Medical Attendant Visa Checklist. Ensure to check, then sign and send with your other important papers.
  3. One recent 2 inch x 2 inch picture.

• The individual’s face should fill about 70 – 80 percent of the screen.

           • The individual’s full face, eyes open, and front view must be shown in the picture.

           • The photograph must be no more than six months old.

• The photograph should be clean and very well, with a light colored backdrop.

• Adequate sharpness and brightness so that the individual’s actual skin color is not altered.

• There are no silhouettes on the face or behind it.

• The applicant should maintain a slight smile and close his or her mouth while looking directly into the camera.

• Even if the candidate wears a headscarf, her facial expressions should be visible.

• If the eyes are fully evident, non-prescription glasses are permitted. Sunglasses are not permitted.

• The photo should not include any headphones or wireless connections.

  1. Initial and existing passport with at least six months veracity from the application date and two sheets of paper.

If the applicant wishes to submit his or her medical visa application in person, an appointment letter is required. In the case of courier or post, no scheduling or appointment is required. Credential of Medical Advice from the home country recommending specialist care.