Interesting Card Games to Play for Two People


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Playing cards can be a great way to enjoy some free time but it doesn’t require a lot of people, card games for small groups of two people are just as fun.

When the TV just isn’t entertaining enough and a couple wants to do something fun, but inexpensive, playing cards is a great way to bond, spend time and enjoy being in the company of each other. The following games are excellent for small groups or as little as two people.

3-13 (Three Thirteen)

This version of rummy is for two or more players, for every two players that are added, shuffle in an additional deck. In each of the 11 hands there are a different amount of cards dealt and different wild cards (coinciding with the number of cards dealt).The object of the game is to form sets (or groups) and runs (or sequences) and lay them on the table. Cards left in a player’s hand after the end of the hand score against him according to the full rules of 3-13.

Crazy Eights (8’s) sometimes called Crate