How to Improve Your Home Office Experience with a Desk Foot Rest

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When you are working under the same roof that you sleep in every night, setting yourself up with the right balance of work and relief may be a little bit difficult to juggle. 

Where do you draw the line on your time to make sure that you are taking breaks to get up on your feet and move around, so your blood circulation is flowing? At your home office, you probably don’t have a supervisor informing you when to leave your desk and go to lunch for an hour. You also don’t have to leave your computer to physically follow your co-workers into a conference room for your weekly team meeting.

Being that the hours may be blurring together between when the last time you last stood up, an ergonomic under desk footrest is a vital tool that is essential to any desk for your comfort and well-being. 

Elevating your feet in a comfortable position and having more places to rest your feet means that you will have movement o