How Can a Personalised Sales Video App Help Your Business?


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Personalised video content is an invaluable asset to your business and your digital marketing campaign. According to statistics, about 87% of today’s marketers use videos to promote products and services.

Majority of these businesses utilise a personalised sales video app to help achieve better business returns. And it comes as no surprise as most of these tools are laden with powerful features that allow businesses to create the right image.

The ever-growing role of videos in marketing affects every aspect of your business’ image. For one, it influences a customer’s decision-making process while putting your brand and message in the spotlight.

Personalised Videos Provide Many Tangible Effects to A Business

Video content is not just effective in providing the right message to your intended audience but is a multi-faceted aspect of your business portfolio. Therefore, a video app solution can provide your business with more benefits aside from expanding your business reach.

Some of the inherent benefits of using personalised video content include:

  • Drive better sales performance
  • Increase worker and customer engagement
  • Achieve higher CTR (clickthrough rates) on your website.
  • Increase your business’ email open rates
  • Build better business credibility

A tremendous impact of video personalisation is often felt on the sales funnel of your business. Video content with the right message can influence the buying decisions of your intended customer so that you can build trust and relationships with them.

On the other hand, impactful videos leverage your business by allowing you to personalise campaigns according to market behaviour. As a result, marketing campaigns based on current trends will have a massive impact on the overall impact of your content initiatives.

Customised Content Enhances the Quality of Customer Service

Personalised videos have a potential effect on every aspect of your business, particularly the quality of customer service you provide. One way to fully utilise a personalised sales video app is to create on-boarding welcome videos for new customers or website visitors.

By creating an inviting aura for your business, you leverage your platform by conveying the right attitude of bringing value to their business. Additionally, it would make your customers feel special when introduced to your products and services.

There are also many other instances where a custom video is useful, including holiday or birthday greetings, subscription renewals, or product reveals. There are endless possibilities with personalised videos, and marketers are only limited by their imagination.

Personalised Video Marketing Drives an Increased Conversion

One of the clear advantages of promoting your business through personalised video content is its impact on increasing your marketing conversions. A company utilising tools that allow its message to stand out will dominate their markets.

Personalised content often takes the cut in building a strong and relatable message because marketing insights drive it. However, screen capturing applications like Shootsta are powered by AI technology, allowing your business to interact and collaborate within a single platform.

Utilising these features impact how your business creates personalised sales videos because it allows you to discuss and provide feedback on the implementation of your marketing content.

Using the right business tools that provide more than just its average use is something you should consider. Shootsta is more than just a screen recording app. It is an AI-powered tool that allows you to create personalised videos for your marketing campaigns.