Experts Say Bitcoin (BTC) Could Hit $100,000 In 2022


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As we near the end of 2022, Bitcoin’s price is likely to stay stable and above $7,000 per coin. However, it’s unlikely that Bitcoin will hit $100,000 per coin by that date. To achieve this, the cryptocurrency will need to see increased demand from institutional investors and retail buyers. It will happen once they establish regulatory clarity. Ultimately, whether Bitcoin hits $100k per coin by 2022 will depend on factors. Read on this topic about how you will overcome the fear during your crypto investment of such great value.

The scarcity of Bitcoin is a real issue for the digital currency, and the price of the cryptocurrency will likely increase in the years to come. The supply of bitcoin is limited, limiting 21 million coins. This limit cannot be changed, so there is a finite supply. However, the miners are slowly making new bitcoin available, increasing the overall scarcity. This scarcity is not entirely unavoidable.

As the number of people interested in Bitcoin grows, it becomes a good time to buy. Buying Bitcoin (BTC)  is a great opportunity for investors, but it will take time for its price to rise. Using comparisons to other asset classes will help you understand why investing in digital currency is a good time. The scarcity of Bitcoin (BTC) is a good thing for investors, as long as they are patient enough to wait for the price to rise.