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Choosing a destination for your honeymoon can be tricky. The desire to relax and enjoy some quality time with your loved one after the stressful wedding week can also be accompanied with confusion of planning a romantic getaway. But worry not because this article gives you an insight of some attractions Europe has to offer for newlyweds so you can plan a trip to Eupore accordingly.

Sardinia, Italy 

Listed below are some places you should visit when in Sardinia –

1. Castelsardo 

Castelsardo is a town and commune in Sardinia located in the northwest of the island within the Province of Sassari, at the east end of the Gulf of Asinara. The location of this small town is surrounded by beaches and medieval architecture that gives the tourists time to alleviate their stress.

  • Some other key attractions – 
  • Elephant’s Rock, one of the symbols of Sardinia
  •  Megalithic walls, from pre-Nuragic times
  • Doria Palace
  • Church of St. Mary, with a wooden Black Christ

2. La Maddalena

Rent out a boat and sail to the islands of La Maddalena located at the north of Sardinia Island, to experience some quiet time off from the bustling town life and ride the waves. Also, look out at the gorgeous sunset view the place offers.

3. Cala Goloritzè 

This small bay helps you discover possibly the most beautiful wild scenery of the Mediterranean. Cala Goloritzè can be reached by sea, unless you want to take the charted downhill path which takes about an hour. The turquoise blue water and the scattered rock formations provide a picturesque view. If you’re up for a couple activities then be sure to check out the trek.

Florence, Italy

Located on the banks of the Arno River, Florence is the perfect destination getaway for a special trip with your spouse with an addition of excellent wines and beautiful sunsets this place should definitely be on your list if you are looking for a romantic escape. 

One can explore the city of Florence by foot but if you’re looking for a fairytale experience then horse carriage rides are at your service. Churches and musical theatres are also famous among tourist locations.

Paris, France

Nicknamed as ‘the city of love’ Paris lets you delve into the world of love and romance at every step. So be ready to let loose and be carefree and enjoy the honeymoon that is sure to sweep you of your feet and give you memories for a lifetime. 

Tourist attractions:

1. The Wall of Love: 

This unique architecture was the brainchild of Frédéric Baron and is often described as a meeting place for lovers as it is dedicated for love. The 40 square meters wall is located in the Jehan Rictus garden square in Montmartre, Paris, France. You should definitely consider checking out this place with your spouse.

2. The Pont des Arts and the Pont de L’Archevêché

These are two Parisian bridges which have come to embody love. Couples around the world come and leave padlocks of all shapes and sizes, engraved with their names or initials. This new idea became more and more popular in recent times and is seen as a tradition for celebrating the love shared between lovers. 

3. A walk on the banks of the Seine

The seine is guaranteed to give you all the feels as you walk across it with your lover, hand in hand. This place is popular among couples who wish to enjoy quality time and also the lights that adorn the city at night. Paris is the ultimate place of the heart and the city of lights will surely brighten up your honeymoon.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast is a popular holiday destination, with sheer cliffs and a rugged shoreline dotted with small beaches and pastel-colored fishing villages. This coast has lot to offer for couples who wish to sit back and relax while savoring delicious gourmet cooking and taking in the scenic beauty.

Main attractions

1. Sorrento – L’Antica Trattoria:

Located in Sorrento Old Town its amazing gourmet food is of premium quality and uses locally sourced and traditional ingredients which provides this restaurant with its amazing reputation. In the evenings, a talented and marvelous violinist who often sings traditional and romantic Neapolitan songs while you are dining, giving you the perfect movie-like experience.

Guidelines to plan a trip to Europe: 

  • Budget – Plan your budget and Cities you want to visit.
  • Get all the necessary documents: Visa, passport and personal identification cards etc.
  • Flight tickets and Travel insurance
  • Accommodation: ( suggested )
  • Currency exchange
  • Intercity travel – Buses are much cheaper than trains or flight.
  • Create your own itinerary. 
  • Intercity travel – Buses are much cheaper than trains or flight. 

If you’re planning a romantic getaway to give yourself and your lover a movie- like experience then Europe is waiting for you.