Creating Space and Better Lighting for Your Home

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Your home should be your haven, a peaceful and welcoming place to work, relax, and a space for the little ones to play. Most people ignore this since they spend little time indoors. However, it frequently falls short of that objective. Enlarging your home can be a costly and time-consuming project. You can blame poor design if you feel your walls are closing in on you and your worldly goods are taking over.

It is, nevertheless, possible to quell the turmoil and make any house or apartment a more pleasant home by following a few simple measures.


The first step in cleaning up your home is to declutter. It’s something that anyone can do, even if they don’t have much money. Put things away as you go from room to room, clear out stray papers or cardboard boxes, and gather small items that don’t have a place. Consider storing an item out of sight or donating it if your local donation centers are still open if it isn’t for decorating and isn’t utilized regularly.

You must work hard for your free space. Any skilled minimalist would tell you that having more open surface space allows you to be more accessible. When we get lazy and let clutter around, it’s also the first thing to go. A room that has unused surfaces appears to be considerably larger.

A clutter bucket is a fantastic method to get into the practice of frequent tidying. It is recommended to use a basket at the bottom of their stairwell. This serves as a catch-all for items that have gone downstairs and are no longer needed. Make it a practice to return everything you’ve acquired to the basket once a day. It won’t take long, and it’ll help you keep clear, tranquil spaces before going to bed.

Keep Windows Open

Darkness may make a space appear smaller. Therefore by allowing direct sunlight into the space, you can make your home feel more spacious. Get a mirrored barn door to allow more natural light in your house.

Keeping windows open or very barely covered with a sheer lining allows more light, sunshine, and happiness into a room and adds a wonderful reflection if there are windows.

Balance Open and Closed Storage

Getting organized isn’t about hiding everything you own; it’s about striking the appropriate balance between open and closed storage. Valuable goods can be carefully hidden in drawers and boxes. This allows beautiful personal items like candle holders and coffee table books to take center stage on open shelves and surfaces. Because fewer people are in the room, anything you leave behind rises to the surface. It gives your objects a more critical appearance rather than just seeming like a bunch of junk. If you’re a collector, put your pieces together to make a more extensive statement. Put them all in one location rather than scattering them about the house.

Layer Your Lighting

Use numerous light sources in each room so that you can always add a little lighter, regardless of the amount of natural light coming in from the outside. Begin with a primary light source and then add secondary sources, such as accent lights or task lighting.

Consider Your Decor Carefully

Empty spaces can be part of the decor. Let them be while decorating with purpose. A smattering of tiny items can feel more cluttered than a few larger standout pieces. A critical scan can be used on walls, shelves, dressers, counters, and computer desks.

Look at your walls and surfaces in one room at a time. Are you genuinely enthralled by everything you see? Remove the pieces you don’t like and save the ones that matter to you or define your style.

Rather than scattering decor across the room, concentrate it in a few areas, such as an accent wall. Allowing some surfaces and walls to remain open will visually lengthen the space.

Tidy Up Your Washroom

A more organized bathroom and appropriate furniture can improve the look and feel of space while providing extra storage for necessities. Create a slot in your bathroom wall for a storage cabinet with a mirror that faces the wall. These cabinets can be both attractive and functional, and they can give a basic bathroom a more intimate air.

With these simple techniques, you can quickly generate space, storage, and light in your home, regardless of its size. Whatever layout you choose, as long as you feel relaxed, organized, and comfortable in your home, you’ll be good. Still, if you’re looking for a way to make more room, these practical ideas might be just what you’re looking for.