Common Bathroom Pests

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The bathroom is a place to freshen up and relax in the home. However, with bathroom pests, your bathroom might not offer the comfort that you desire. This is why pest control is usually targeted at the bathroom. The article will explain why pests are usually found in the bathroom, as well as highlight common bathroom pests.

Why Are Pests Usually Found In The Bathroom?

You might wonder why insects and bugs are commonly found in the bathroom. The answer is not far-fetched, as pests enjoy moisture. Seeing that the bathroom is an area that sees a lot of water flow, it is only natural that pests feel at home here. The bathroom provides them with the perfect living conditions, while also aiding their reproduction. What is more? Feeding is easy for them in the bathroom, as mould, organic matter and even small bugs are in abundance.

Common Bathroom Insects

  • Drain Flies: Also known as moth flies or sewer flies, drain flies get into the bathroom through drains. Drain flies are tiny brown-coloured insects with wings. If you have drain flies in your bathroom, there is a high chance that you have plumbing issues with your drains. Drain flies are not harmful, as they do not cause any disease or infection. A drain fly infestation can however make you very uncomfortable. These insects feed on organic matter, and enjoy the heat and moisture that bathrooms afford them.
  • Spiders: While spiders are found in every area of the home, the bathroom remains one of their best locations. For spiders, the food supply is the main reason why they enjoy living i