Best Processors for gamers


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With the speed technology is engulfing the world, everyone must have the best hardware to get the best gaming experience. The world of CPU’s is constantly evolving, with AMD and intel coming up with better, faster, and more efficient processors to compete with each other and stay relevant in the market. It’s difficult to say which company is more dominating in processors, but both AMD and Intel have their pros and cons.

When we talk about processors, AMD has been fulfilling all the budget users’ necessities in the market for a while now. The go-to option of any budget gamer should always be AMD. A good CPU ensures many hardcore demands of a user. Good processors offer fast video encoding, more power efficiency, higher-res streaming capability, and overall better gaming experience.

For a gamer, a good processer is needed to avoid as much bottleneck as possible. Today we will talk about the best options when picking a CPU for your needs.  Albeit these processors aren’t very budget-friendly but buying the best hardware always futureproofs your builds. Here are 3 of the world’s best processors right now for hardcore users as well as gamers.