A Beginner’s Guide To The Amazing Sport That Is Called American Football.


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American football, also known as football or gridiron, may seem like a very confusing game at first. Eleven fully grown and jacked-up men, running at each other wearing tights, taking each other down. There is a lot of kicking and pulling and shoving just to get the oblong ball to the end of the opposite side of the field by any means necessary. It’s like a war out there. It seems like a sport with no rules, but the funny part is, football is fairly simple and is very easy to understand and once you get to know about it and it’s rules and regulations, it’s a very fun game to watch. With all that being said, here we will cover all the basics of football so that you can enjoy this game.  

American football originated from the sports of soccer and rugby and was played for the first time on November 6th,  1869. It is a sport played between 2 teams, having 11 men each (on the field). The field measures 120 yards and the aim of both sides is to score more points than the opposition. Points scoring is done via touchdowns or field goals. Touchdown is when a player touches the ball to the ground of the scoring zone with hand while a field goal is when a player kicks the ball through the goalposts, which are 20 feet high and 18.5 feet wide and rest on a 10 feet high crossbar. There are a lot of substitutions in the game as the players play at specialist roles. Defensive players are diffe