5 Tips for Visiting the Philippines


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The Philippines are a beautiful country, known for its nature, beaches, friendly and warm people, and rich and diverse culture. Once you visit the Philippines you’ll keep coming back to it, to explore it further.

As is the case with any international trip, it’s best to make plans and schedule your trip with care. That way you can have a smooth and comfortable stay and enjoy the country as much as you can.

When to Visit?

It’s best to visit during the dry months. Avoiding harsh weather and monsoons is the only way to make sure you’re safe during your trip and to see the country at its most beautiful. The weather is mild from November to April. As is usually the case, there’s wiggle room to that.

Summers are especially hot in the Philippines and it’s best to avoid visiting during that time, especially if you have health issues to take into account.

How to Get Around?

The best way to get a